Main Projects

Projects Nairz Architekten (with Architect Mag. Joerg Nairz)
1991 Japanese Restaurant TENMAYA, Vienna
1990 Café Vienna, Nuremberg
1991 Café Vienna in Katsushika Concert Hall, Tokyo
1992-5 Housing and Golf, Suessenbrunn, Vienna (with Architect D.I. Georg Baldass, 1st price in competition)
1992 Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Ljubljana
1993 Sushi Restaurant DAIHACHI, Vienna
1993 Austrian Pavillion INTERMACH Messe, Bangkok
1994 Café Vienna, Düsseldorf
1995 Austrian Pavillion WORLD EXPO, Tokyo (1st price in competition)
1995 Deloitte & Touche in Akademiehof, Vienna
1995 Café Vienna & Restaurant, Kassel
1995-6 Singapore Arilines, Vienna
1996 Silver Cafe Hofburg, Vienna (1st price in competition)
1997 Tri-Café im Hof, Vienna
1997 Japanese Ambassador’s Residence, Vienna
1998 Constantia Privatbank Headquarters, Vienna
1998 Austrian consulate, Tokyo
1999 Japanese Pavillon and Garten, Berndorf
2000 Asian Restaurant Chang Noodle, Vienna
2000 Cantino Haus der Musik, Vienna
2002 House Z-  ‘Kleingartenhaus’, Vienna
2002 M.F.WILLE, Tokyo
2002-6 Budokan, Wels, exhibition_2006-5_PDF
2004 Asian Restaurant Chang Duck, Vienna
2004 Restaurant Weinzirl Konzerthaus, Vienna

Projects Miyako Nairz Architects
2004 FREY WILLE Shops, Moscow and Kiev
2005 FREY WILLE Shops, Pusan and Los Angeles
2006 FREY WILLE Shops, Hong Kong and Baku
2006 Green Tea Shop Chanoma, Vienna
2006 St.Diamond Shop in SAS Hotel, Kiev
2006 PASSIO Shop, Kiev
2007 St. Diamond Shop, Donetsk
2007 FREY WILLE Shop in Tverskaya St., Moscow
2007 FREY WILLE Shop in Crocus Shopping Centre, Moscow
2008 FREY WILLE Shop, Istanbul
2008 Restaurant/Garden in Haus der Music Museum, Vienna
2009 CARE Company, Vienna

since 2008 creation and development of new CI Design of FREY WILLE

International Shop List
2008 FREY WILLE in Petrovsky Passage, Moscow
2008-9 FREY WILLE Beijing, Taipei, Cannes and St. Petersburg
2009-10 FREY WILLE Madrid, Milan, Capri, Hong Kong and Vancouver
2010 FREY WILLE in Sloan St. and Piccadilly, London, Prag, Sofia and Brussels
2011 FREY WILLE New York, Riyadh, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Dubai and Budapest
2012 FREY WILLE at Stephansplatz, Vienna (Flagship store),
in Beverly Hills/ LA, in Rue de Sevres, Paris, Salzburg, Beirut, Poznan,
Singapore, Xi’an  and Tianjing
2013FREY WILLE at Vienna Airport Terminal 1, in Kutznezky Most, Moscow (Flagship store),
in South Molton St., London, in WTC, Beijing and Chengdu
2014 FREY WILLE in SOHO, New York, Venice, Barcelona and Lima

Private House Projects

2005 House J (Vienna)
2012 House P (Paris)
2012 House M (Mauerbach, Austria)
2013-14 House G (Gaaden, Austria)


Coordinated Architectural Exhibitions

1997Exhibition of three Japanese Architects- Togo Murano, Fumihiko Maki, Atsushi Kitagawara
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Concept and Coordination Vienna-Tokyo)
2002-3「4 5 UNDER 4 5」45 Young Architecture, Architecture im Ringturm, Vienna (Concept and Coordination Vienna-Tokyo)
2005 Japanese Architecture SENSAI
Wiener Planungswerkstatt by City of Vienna (Concept and Coordination Vienna-Tokyo)


Assistant Professor in Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg

2003Architecture Class Prof. Shuhei Endo
2004Architecture Class Prof. Itsuko Hasegawa
2005Architectural Class Prof. Takaharu Tezuka
2006Architectural Class Prof. Takaharu & Yui Tezuka
2009Architectural Class Prof. Istuko Hasegawa


Editorial Coordinator of Publications

「4 5 UNDER 4 5」Young Architecture/ Architecture im Ringturm X, Shozo Baba, 45 architects in Japan, Adolf Stiller (Eds.). (2003). Salzburg:  Anton Pustet
SALZTECTURE,  Shuhei Endo, Kenneth Frampton, Barbara Wally, Students of 2003 architecture master class, Miyako Nairz (Eds.). (2003). Salzburg: International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Landscape Architecture, Itsuko Hasagawa, Takehiko Higa, Barbara Wally, Students of 2004 architecture master class, Miyako Nairz (Eds.). (2004). Salzburg: International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Roofless Architecture, Takaharu Tezuka, Barbara Wally, Students of 2005 architecture master class, Miyako Nairz (Eds.). (2006). Salzburg: International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Floorless Architecture, Takaharu Tezuka, Yui Tezuka, Barbara Wally, Students of 2006 architecture master class, Miyako Nairz (Eds.). (2008). Salzburg: International Summer Academy of Fine Arts